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There is no denying that cell phones have become an important part of people’s everyday lives. People who work at different workplaces across the world use smart phones to perform a variety of tasks like storing data, editing files, and seeking information.

The most important feature of cell phones, or the best thing about them, is that they allow us to keep in touch with loved ones. Apps such as Skype, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and more make it very easy for people to keep in touch with family and friends no matter where they are on the globe.

Nearly every household across the world has a cell phone, and the majority of them are college students. The use of cell phones in education has been widely debated for many years now, with so many reports in favour and against the idea of banning them in schools being published. This article will highlight all of the reasons why cell phones should not be banned in schools and colleges.

Why should mobile phones be restricted in schools?

Cell phones allow students to cheat.

The life of a college student involves attending classes, spending some of their free time with friends, and doing their assignments. Assignments are necessary and must be completed by a student who wants to progress in their studies.

Sometimes students are given assignments that they are not comfortable with or have no idea how to tackle, and they might need some outside help to complete them. Mobile phones play a massive role when a particular student is grappling with a topic given to them in school.

Students can use them to get in touch with educational essay writers by accessing the internet on the go to get their assignments done, especially if they are a special needs student. College life can be hectic at times, and cell phones can ease the burden on students by letting them hand over their assignments to an essay writer.

Mobile phones are not useless things

The way that we see mobile phones has changed over the last 20 years. Those days are gone when smartphones were looked at as devices that enabled us to communicate with our loved ones. A mobile phone is a device that can do more than just help us communicate with our loved ones and should not be looked at as a toy or plaything by old-school tutors. These devices bring so many features when it comes to a student’s education because they can record lectures, read and download books, use maps, listen to lessons, and much more.

The rapid change in technology means students have access to so many applications to help them in their studies. The idea to ban smart phones in schools should not be entertained by any educational institution.

Cell phones are affordable

The economic situation of a student differs for every person, mainly if they come from different countries. While some might come from rich families, others come from poor families that cannot afford good-quality laptops or computers.

In contrast, mobile phones are very affordable and are a wonderful replacement for computers. In spite of the fact that they have some limitations, such as a small screen, a small keyboard, and a small memory capacity, they make up for it by being portable, inexpensive, and user-friendly.

Students will find ways to use them anyway

Putting a red signal on students using their mobile phones in classes does not mean they will not be used at all. Perhaps it will make students rebellious, and they will find sneaky ways of using them without being caught by their teachers.

In spite of their tutor focusing on teaching them, students will spend most of the time on high alert to see who is using them without permission. Because of this, there will be unnecessary stress on tutors, and the solution is simple.

It is way better for the cell phone to be visible where tutors can see it rather than students using it underneath the desk, for example.

Mobile phones help students get ready for the real world out there

The main reason why parents send their children to school is to prepare them for the future. The world is very competitive, and one needs to be very prepared if they are to be successful. Colleges and universities must teach their students how to use cell phones effectively to better themselves because they are an important part of life now.

Cell phones allow students to connect

Communication is very important in a student’s life, and if they are stopped from doing that, it can cause major mental health issues. When a student is suffering from mental illness, this can affect how they perform in college. Cell phones allow students to not only socialise with each other but also keep up with what’s happening in the entertainment world.

Conclusion: Cell phone use with the required restrictions

Although cell phone use has its uses, it also has all the ingredients for being misused and bringing about detrimental consequences. That’s why education strategists should create effective policies so that cell phones are allowed in schools.

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